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Q: Do I need to provide my password?

A: No, that is your privacy.

Q: Should I learn about coding?

A: You do not need to learn any coding. We made it to you through this Angry Birds Go hack tool

Q: I do not receive my gems, what should I do?

A: Please wait up to a few minutes. Our bot might be busy at that time.

Q: Is this hack tool safe?

A: 100% safe, we have applied about +1.3 million algorithms and your request will be processed through a proxy.

Q: Can I use this hack tool more than once?

A: You can use it as many as you want. However, you need to give a space before requesting. We recommend once a day!


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Angry Birds Go Hack – Get Free Gems in Just a Minute!

Hey fellas, the Red Birds back again to make you angry! With the genre that will surprise all the fan of this game. Yup, in this game, you don’t need to shot your birds with a catapult. So, what are you going to do in this game? You need to prepare your heart because the birds will go into the speedy race that you have never seen before. Here, we’re not only talking about the game guys, we also offer you Angry Birds Go hack.

How to Play The Game?

For beginner’s player playing this game, it’s quite challenging. There are two types of control in this game. You can use the virtual d-pad and the second one is by using motion sensor. It means, you directly control the bird by move your device to left or right, depend on the course. I recommend you to use the motion sensor control. It’s so much easier because you only need to tile your device to left or right.

The Main Mode of Angry Birds Go

The most interesting about the racing game is the mode that this game offers. For further information check out the list below.

  • Race: The main mode of this game. You will race against 7 people. In order to complete each stage, you need to finish in 3 ranks. If you less than that, just hit the try again button to try it again.
  • Time Boom: You need to be quick in this race. Because you need to arrive at the finish line before the time boom explode. Of course, it won’t go that smoothly. You need to avoid all the obstacles on the stage.
  • Fruit Splat: You won’t find any other birds in this game. You will battle against the green pig by splashing the fruit. How to win in this race? Beat all the green pig is the answer. But, if you don’t have any fruit left, you will be the one who loses the match.
  • Boss Battle: You will battle with another player. The first one who come to the finish line is the winner of the match. Not only that, if you win, your reward already waiting!

What will You Get From Angry Birds Generator?

Previously, we said that to you we give you the hack of this game.  But, what will you get exactly from this hack? Of course, without a doubt, you will get gems. Because it’s the main currency of the game. Also, it’s the hardest one to get.  What exactly the use of gems?  Check the list below.

  • With the gems, you can refill your energies that you used when you going to the race.
  • The last one, you can use the gems if you don’t have enough coins when upgrading your car.

The Features of Angry Birds GO Hack

  • Easy to use: One click is enough to generate free gems.
  • No Need to Root Your Device: If another hack requires you to root your device, but it’s different from us. You don’t need to do that hassle anymore.
  • Free From Spam: We already installed Spam software that will protect your browsing safely.

How to Use Angry Birds Generator?

  • Click the link below to start the hacking
  • After you go to the next screen, you need to fill in your Game ID and Email Address.
  • Here, select the gems amount that you need ( Don’t select too much for the first use)
  • Click the next button to begin the hacking process.
  • Wait for a while to connect our server go to the game server.
  • After it’s completed, open your game to check out your Angry Birds Go free gems.
  • Happy gaming guys!